Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Mathematics are well and good
but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.
~Albert Einstein

Research Interest

1. Development of a new computational algorithm

Differential transform method
i. Solving boundary value problems
         ii. Solving nonlinear partial differential equations
         iii. Solving Fredholm or Voterra type integral equations
iv. So
lving Fractional partial differential equations
Variational iteration / Adomain decomposition / Homotopy analysis(perturbation)
Finite element method / Boundary element method / Meshfree methods
Spectral method

2. Nonlinear Dynamics

Fractional dynamical systems and their applications

3. Homogenization in irregular media

Coupling homogenization with domain decomposition in almost periodic structure media

4. Scientific computation

Laser generated elastic waves
Nano-structured polymer materials by SCFT(Self-Consistent Field Theory) 

5. Financial Engineering